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The Last Time... With Stan Wawrinka


Stanislas Wawrinka© Stanislas WawrinkaStanislas Wawrinka got married to longtime girlfriend Ilham Vuilloud on 12 December 2009 in Lutry, Switzerland.

Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka reveals to DEUCE the last time...

I got out my (2008 Beijing doubles) Olympic gold medal to look at it?
Late last year when I was rearranging the office in my apartment I saw it. I don't look at it so much these days, maybe only when friends come around and they ask to see it. Obviously soon after I won the gold medal I looked at it a lot more.

I queued up to buy concert tickets?
It wasn't a concert, as such, but for a comedy show in Geneva last year.

I missed a flight?
Never... I've never missed a flight in my entire life, but I hope I haven't jinxed myself now! Maybe it's being Swiss, but I'm always on time for flights!

I flew economy class?
I fly economy inside Europe all the time – the flights are so short it doesn't make too much difference if you're in economy or business. But for long haul flights I fly business – I don't think I've ever flown to Australia in economy!

"I've never missed a flight in my entire life, but I hope I haven't jinxed myself now!"

I cooked for myself or others?
Very recently, just before I went on this current trip (Middle East/India/Australia). I love to cook when I'm at home – my wife and I share the cooking duties and we have a number of cookbooks that we try out new things from. I really enjoy cooking.

I met a childhood idol?
I don't have a lot of idols really, but the last person I met that I admire and respect was (footballer) Thierry Henry. It was in Rome last year and he came to see Roger (Federer), since they're both associated with Gillette. Roger and I were practising and he came to watch that, then we both had a chat with him in the player lounge, which was great.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
I would imagine it would've been in juniors, maybe under 16s.

I had to pay to hire a tennis court?
Very recently, when I was training in Switzerland in December I paid for my court all the time. No special privileges!

I dressed formally for a dinner?
One week ago in Abu Dhabi for an exhibition event I was playing; there was a cocktail party where all the players got dressed up.

I slipped on my diet?
Oh, for sure during Christmas I had a little bit too much to eat and drank a little too much wine, but I guess everyone does that too!

I forgot a family member or close friend's birthday?
Last year I forgot the birthday of a very good friend, but I remembered the next day and got in touch with him, so it wasn't too bad – it wasn't like I remembered weeks later, thankfully!

Being recognised helped me?
I can't think of anything specific but for sure in Switzerland, since I got to the Top 10 and won the gold medal in Beijing, I get recognised more. It maybe helps with getting a nice table at a restaurant when it's busy.

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