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The Last Time... With The Bryans


Bryans© Getty ImagesBob and Mike Bryan pose with their Fans' Favourite Award at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in November.

Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan reveal to DEUCE the last time...

I bought tennis balls or rented a tennis court?
[Mike] We have to buys balls back at our club in Camarillo. We did that a couple of weeks ago. We paid to rent a court in Miami last year. We knew the owner of the club, but he wasn’t there. The person at the desk couldn’t believe that we knew him and she charged us $100.  We said, ‘We’re the Bryan Bros.’ and she was like ‘I don’t care.’ (laughing).

I queued for tickets?
[Bob] I queued for Jersey Boys in London. There was a big line outside the box office. But the wait was probably only 15 minutes.

I lost something important?
[Bob] This week in Sydney I lost my wallet for a couple of hours. I was back at the hotel and my coach rang to say he’d found it on site. I also lost my phone, but luckily it was returned. So it’s been a big week, really.

I missed a flight?
[Mike] Can’t recall missing a flight, but we’ve run down the terminal many times. If we weren’t such good athletes we’d have missed a lot (laughing). Our speed is pretty good in the airports.

I cooked for myself?
[Bob] Never.

[Mike] I made myself cereal this morning but that’s all I can do. We have a great kitchen, but we’ve never used it. It’s always the girls [Bob’s wife Michelle and Mike’s girlfriend Lucille.]

I visited a country for the first time?
[Bob] Thailand last week. We were there for an exhibition and training and had a great time. We rode an elephant, went to the Monkey Temple, fed the monks on the beach at sunrise, held a baby tiger. We did a bunch of stuff.

I asked someone for their autograph?
[Mike] At the Olympics we asked Kobe Bryant for his autograph and a picture.

I forgot a family member or close friend’s birthday?
[Bob] I’m really bad with birthdays. I know the birthdays of my wife, mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend and that’s about it.

[Mike] I know Agassi’s birthday.

I played a practical joke in the locker room?
[Mike] I put something in John Isner’s shoe. I can’t tell you what it was, though. You’d think less of me!

I played a sport other than tennis that had the potential for injury, albeit minor?
[Mike] Basketball at Gimelstob’s house in New Jersey. It was two-on-two.
I was asked if I was a tennis player?
[Bob] Every day. People will say, ‘You look like athletes’. We say, ‘We play doubles’. They say, ‘Oh, really?’

[Mike] Yesterday at Nandos [chicken restaurant] someone had a [Sydney] tournament program and asked, ‘Are you guys in this? What’s your name? Can you sign it?’ That always makes you feel special. 

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