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The Last Time... With Andy Murray


Andy Murray© Getty ImagesAndy Murray poses for a photo with Italy's future tennis stars during the Internazionali BNL d'Italia.

Scotland’s Andy Murray reveals to DEUCE the last time...

I got into hot water with a Twitter post I made?
Haven’t had any get me in trouble yet. But give me time… I’m sure I’ll say something wrong.

I queued for tickets?
I always queue for movie tickets. I haven’t queued for any concert tickets. I don’t go to concerts that much. I go to basketball and football games more.

I bought tennis balls or paid to hire a court?
My racquet company HEAD sends me Penn balls to practise with, but if for some reason we don’t have any we’ll buy them. Hiring a court? It’s been quite a while.

I lost something important
I can’t find things a lot. I’ve had the same wallet and phone for quite a while now. I don’ really lose things often but it’s common for me not to be able to find things for a couple of days. But they eventually turn up.

“I was just standing outside waving at all the taxi drivers and I ended up missing the flight”

I cooked for myself?
I cooked for myself and a friend a couple of weeks ago. Although it wasn’t really cooking (laughing). Just some pasta and chicken and Dolmio Stir-in sauce.

I wasn’t requested for a press conference after a singles match?
That hasn’t happened once since I’ve been on the tour.

I missed a flight?
I’ve only ever missed one flight, and that was in Rome a few years ago – 2006, I think. I had to leave my passport with hotel reception when I first checked in and then they forgot to give it to me when I checked out. So I got to the airport and I didn’t have my passport with me. They sent it over in a taxi but I obviously didn’t know who the driver was and he couldn’t speak English. So I was just standing outside waving at all the taxi drivers and I ended up missing the flight.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
Not that long ago. I shared with Ross Hutchins in Cincinnati last year.

Being recognised helped me?
We got free dessert last night at a restaurant, which we weren’t expecting. Pancakes, ice cream, Crème brûlée  – very nice.

I visited a country  for the first time?
When I went to Shanghai in China.

I asked someone for their autograph?
Probably when I was 10 or 11 when I went to Wimbledon. I prefer photos.

I had a bad hotel experience?
I’m really not that fussy with hotels, as long as the internet is okay.

I was asked to sign something unusual?
I’m asked to sign shoes a lot. Arms. Someone in Australia asked me to sign their forehead.

I met a childhood hero?
Agassi would be the last one – a few years ago. I had the chance to go to dinner with him and practise with him. That was cool.

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