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The Last Time... With Lleyton Hewitt


Lleyton Hewitt© Getty ImagesThe Aussie 'Fanatics' attempt to get a piece of their hero Lleyton Hewitt.

Australian Lleyton Hewitt reveals to DEUCE the last time...

I went to a sporting event other than tennis?
The AFL [Australian Football League] football last year when I had my hip surgery. I went to a lot of the Adelaide Crows games and basically followed them around Australia for a couple of months towards the end of the season.

I went to a concert?
Probably about a year or so ago. My wife, Bec, is a big fan of Gwen Stefani and I obviously know Gavin Rossdale extremely well, so when they came to Sydney we were fortunate enough to catch up with them and go to her concert.

I had to pay to hire a tennis court?
That would be years ago! [laughs] I have no idea but it was probably back in the days when I was a member of Seaside Tennis Club in Adelaide and you pay your membership. I’ve had to buy balls in the Bahamas a couple of times when I’ve been there training.

I met a childhood hero?
I met Gavin Rossdale about two years ago. He’s the lead singer of Bush and a mad tennis fan. I met him for the first time at the US Open in New York. Then, when he came to Sydney, we caught up and hit a few balls while Gwen was doing her concert.

I cooked for myself?
I cook barbecues at home quite often, so [in late July, before leaving for Washington, D.C.] I would have cooked a barbecue [in Sydney].

I shared a hotel room with another player?
That would have been a long time ago. That was probably back at the Satellites or Futures back in Australia [laughing] in 1997 or so.

Being recognised helped me?
It probably helps with excess luggage sometimes on airplanes. It obviously helps if they know you a little bit. Coming back from Wimbledon a lot of people know me. There are a lot of Australians in England.

I played a competitive sport other than tennis?
The football matches I played back in 2001 or 2002 for the Adelaide Crows. And we have a bit of a cricket match each year, sometimes with a few of the AFL boys. It’s a very laid back social event more than a very competitive cricket match.

I visited a country for the first time?
I’ll be visiting Kuala Lumpur shortly [for the new ATP World Tour 250 tournament]. I’ve never been to Malaysia. That will be a first for a long time.
I asked someone for an autograph?
The end of last year I asked Rafael Nadal after he won Wimbledon. He signed a racquet for me because my wife and I were doing a charity auction back in Australia.

I was asked to sign something really weird?
Every week you get weird stuff;  it’s hard to think exactly what this year. Occasionally, after Davis Cup ties you get some drunk Fanatics wanting to sign their bras or stuff like that! That’s probably the weirdest.

I flew economy?
When I go to the Bahamas most of the time the little planes only have economy.

I had a bad hotel experience?
Occasionally you just get bad room service; I’m not going to bag any hotel in particular! [laughing]

I lost something important?
I’m very good with my stuff! But  I lost a whole set of my gut string, I don’t know where it went, which was right before Memphis this year. I had to play and I had to go searching around other players to get some gut string last minute. That was probably as important as it gets.  

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