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Friday, April 14, 2006   
On Thursday I took part in a meet and greet session with children from the tennis club Cullera, which is located about 40 kilometers away in the south of Valencia, just in between Valencia and my home in Javea. Juan Oliver (Cullera's club director) was very nice with me; I know him very well and he’s a unique friend. You can always count on him. Juan knows very well my coach Javi and he invited me to some exhibitions and organized for the kids to come to Valencia.

The children who came today have seen me play before during exhibitions that I played during the last two years in Cullera. They were very fun, asked a lot of questions and then I signed autographs and took pictures with all of them. Some of them I know already since they were part of a very nice reception for me last November and I always have a lot of fun there.

In the first exhibition I played against Fernando Verdasco. I was number 50 in the world and he’d just won the Spanish championship. We played a very nice match and I won. Last year I played against Juan Carlos Ferrero. It was a great match because it was in the middle of summer, there were a lot of people and they really enjoyed it. The money from the ticket sales – more than five million pesetas (30,000 Euros) from what they've told me – was donated to the junior tennis development in the region of Valencia.

These days I have more obligations than usual, signing autographs, taking pictures and working with sponsors. It's not really because I'm a Top 10 player, but because I’m at home and I'm happy to do it. Obviously when not playing in Spain I have to do very little things compared to my activities during this week. But being in my country and with my people it goes without saying. Being a Top 10 player has not really changed my routine a lot. Maybe in the court it helps to know that and I see it as a personal goal and great motivation for me to be there, but in the locker room with the other players, everything is the same really.

Something has surprised me a lot: I’ve received a lot of emails on my web site during the last week. I received more than 30 emails a day and I answered all of them. Many of my fans who write to me tell me that they don’t believe that I’m answering them myself, but of course I’m doing it.


Thursday, April 13, 2006  
After I got injured on Tuesday, I went to the Salud hospital Wednesday with Nacho Muñoz (tournament doctor). They did an MRI, they touched my shoulder, I stretched and did a bit of rehabilitation. The results of the MRI were good. I’m relieved because nothing is broken; it’s only a sore muscle and I hope to be fit in two days.

I’m still seeing the trainer and doing the exercises they told me to do, stretching and strengthening at the same time, in order to make it stronger and relax my muscle. I want to be fit again as soon as possible.

On Friday I’ll continue the physiotherapy; I’ll go running a little bit on Saturday and I’ll also hit a few balls.

Now that I’m injured my routine is very similar to my routine during competition. I have to eat very well because it’s important; good eating helps you recover quickly. My diet doesn’t change a lot when I’m not playing a tournament, only on weekends I might eat something different. For example yesterday I ate a banana and a yogurt for breakfast, I cooked some pasta and had a lot of water. I didn’t eat a lot for dinner, only a salad and a yogurt. When I’m not playing tournaments I usually don’t eat a lot for dinner, since I don’t burn a lot. Of course when I play I eat more because I need more energy. I eat pretty much anything and drink water and minerals.

At night I like to watch some football or some movie on canal+. I like to stay calm. On Wednesday I watched the final of the Copa del Rey. Español won, but I wanted Zaragoza to win. They’d been scoring good results lately against Madrid, Barcelona and other big teams. I like that team, but it’s a big party for Spanish soccer anyway.

Today I’ll be at the club in Valencia before leaving to Javia. I’ll stay with some kids of the Club in Cullera who’ve always supported me.

I hope that you stay tuned to my blog during my last day in Valencia.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006  

Last night I felt some pain and after dinner I kept my shoulder warm, thinking about today’s match, hoping that everything would be fine, because people were expecting a lot with me playing at home and being eager to do well.

The problem started a few days ago. I did a bad movement last Sunday and had problems with my shoulder, trying to be fit for today. I went to see the trainer, but when I warmed up with Potito Starace this morning, I noticed after 20 minutes that it hurt quite a lot while serving and this made it very difficult for me. Before the match I went to see the rainier again and he put some hot packs in order to decrease the pain. They also gave me something for the inflammation, but during the match it hurt more and more.

At the beginning of the match it was difficult for me but I was winning my service games and I saw that Ascione was a bit nervous because he got aware of my injury and he didn’t play well. I played with my injury although I wasn’t playing well at all. But when he took the lead in the tie-break, I knew that I couldn’t go on anymore, even if I won it, I don’t think I could have played until the end of the match. It’s really a pity that it had to happen here because it almost never happens to me. It’s the first time that I've had to retire in eight years. I remember having an ankle sprain during a challenger against Volandri eight years ago.

I’m a bit sad because a lot of people came to see me: my family as well as my friends from Valencia and Javea and I was playing at home. In total it was more than 50 people and most of them drove more than an hour from Javea every day to come to see me. They all call me Ferru (¨iron¨ in Valencian dialect). I’ve always had that nickname since a coach called me like that and now my parents are the only ones to call me David.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to play doubles. I talked to my partner and friend Guillermo García López and he understands that very well since health is the most important thing.

Now I have to think about recovering as soon as possible in order to be in form again. I think it will take more or less three days, I’ll be recovering and think that the chances are good for me to be present in the Masters Series event in Monte Carlo.

After this incident I’ll stay at home with family. I suppose I’ll stay in Valencia and might also go to my place in Javea for a few days. I’ll be relaxing and seeing the trainer every day.

Gracias por leer mi blog!


Monday, April 10, 2006   
This tournament is very special to me, because I can stay at my own place and don’t have to live at the hotel. Today I got up at 9 o’clock in the morning and then I went practicing at the club and later had lunch at home. I enjoy having my family and friends around in Valencia; their support is great. In other cities I spend most of the time with my coach at the hotel and on-site. I have a lot of nice memories from this club since I used to play team competition here.

When I’m playing far away from home the three necklaces I always wear remind me of my family. They are gifts from my parents and from my girlfriend. I also wear them during my matches. I see them as a lucky charm and they don’t bother me at all while playing. They are not expensive nor made of gold, but they mean a lot to me. I’ve had them for about five years now and I never take them off!

I recently launched my own web site where you can follow me during the season, check out the pictures in the gallery, have a look at my tournament schedule or ask me questions. The address is www. My team thought it was a good idea to create my own web site, so the fans can get even more information while I’m traveling on the tour.

I also like to surf on the internet sometimes, read newspapers and write emails while I’m abroad for tournaments. And of course also to check out my blog on I hope you enjoy reading it and check back for more news on Tuesday when I’ll play Thierry Ascione in the first round here in Valencia!


Sunday, April 9, 2006  

After Miami I went straight to my home in Xavia, 120 kilometers south of Valencia and rested for a couple of days. I just rested and spent some time out with some friends and family in my town. It was nice since it was my birthday this week also. We ate a lot of paella!

Last night, I watched Valencia (football) vs. Celta with some friends. Valencia won 1-0, which is great bacause they are second in the league. And tonight I'll be watching Barcelona vs. Santander.

It is great to be back in Valencia; I really enjoy this tournament, I feel more relaxed and motivated with so many people I know around supporting me.

Today, my coach Javi Piles had me practicing with Alberto Martin at 11am and then again at 2 pm with Igor Andreev, who is also a very close friend of mine, since we practice together a lot.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog this week.


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