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Wednesday, March 1, 2006   
Very unfortunately I had to retire from both singles and doubles today due to my foot. Last Sunday, I was barefoot and I inadvertently twisted my big toe on the stairs. For some reason it was fine yesterday, but this morning, when I put on my shoe I could feel it wasn’t well at all. I still went on court to face Nicolas Almagro but after a set I decided to retire because it was hurting a lot. I wasn’t sure what was going on with it and I didn’t want things to get worse.

I immediately was sent to a clinic here in Acapulco to get some X-rays done and make sure that nothing was broken. Luckily it’s not bad and all I need is to rest it for a few days.

I am very disappointed I had to retire because I had big expectations for this tournament. I was really playing well and I thought I could do something good this week. I also feel bad for my doubles partner Sebastian, who I am letting down in this tournament. It’s such bad luck.

Since I am playing in Indian Wells next week, I am going to stay here in Acapulco until Monday I think. I will be taking care of my foot with my trainer who is arriving tomorrow from Argentina.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006   
I went to the players' party last night. It was a 'white party' on the beach, tables were nicely set up around a bonfire, the food was great and there was a band playing. There’s usually fireworks as well but I was quite disappointed that there wasn’t any last night.

I was there with my friend and doubles partner Sebastian [who was dressed all in white, I only could find a white shirt] and had dinner with the rest of the South Americans, Calleri, Horna, Lapentti, Chela... I didn’t stay long since I was playing today and had to wake up at decent hour.

I warmed up with my coach this morning. I then took a one-hour nap after lunch and came to the courts to wait for my match.

Luckily for me, the public behaved really well and I could even hear a few Mexicans cheering for me and not for their compatriot. My first round against the local wild card Santiago Gonzalez went pretty okay, I played well. First rounds at a tournament are always difficult because you need to get used to the conditions. I was very solid and comfortable the entire match, which helps a lot for the confidence.

After the match I showered, stretched, did press and went back to the hotel to have dinner. Another early night for me since I am scheduled in singles and doubles tomorrow.

Buenas Noches!


Monday, February 27, 2006   
I woke up at 9 this morning, had breakfast and practiced for 1 hour, from 11 to noon with Nicolas Lapentti. Since I’m playing tomorrow, one practice session is enough for me today; this why I am at the beach again, just relaxing and watching the other guys play football.

I’ve tried Mexican food before and I actually had some last night but I don’t like it that much because it’s too spicy for me. For some reason I don't digest it too well. I usually try to eat meat or pasta... non-spicy food.

Tomorrow I play my first singles match and I don’t know yet if I will be scheduled in doubles. I face a Mexican here in Mexico, Santiago Gonzalez. I’m not sure what to expect. I know he will have the public going for him and it will make things a bit more difficult for me but I am confident, I’ve been playing well, and I hope I will be playing like in the past weeks.

My coach doesn’t often travel with all his family, but since this is such a great week in the schedule to enjoy the beach and the good weather they all came. I spend a lot of time with them and I like being with his daughter, who is quite a nice character.

Since we are so many Argentines here we usually try to do stuff together. We usually plan to go to dinner in a group, or go to the beach, or play a soccer match. This week, the majority of the players came with their wives, girlfriends and they know each other pretty well, so it’s very easy to all hang out together.

The tournament party is tonight and I plan on going and have dinner there. Depending on when I am scheduled to play tomorrow, I’ll stay to enjoy it or will go to bed early.

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, February 26, 2006  
The Latin American swing is my favorite swing of the year because apart from being great tournaments in nice places, I feel comfortable as I am close to home. My favorite tournament of the swing is probably Buenos Aires because it’s in my country and it’s my house. If I had to pick a second favorite it would be Acapulco or Costa do Sauipe. I would say Acapulco wins though because the weather is not as hot as in Brazil. It’s definitely very hot here but the heat in Sauipe is unbearable and makes it really difficult to stay outside.

I arrived here Thursday night with my coach, his wife and daughter and physical trainer. I left Buenos Aires Thursday morning and traveled all day. It’s a very long trip to arrive here; there’s some jet lag also, but all went well. I took it easy on Friday, practiced a little bit and enjoyed being in this place a little. Here in Acapulco, if I’m not playing I try to enjoy the good weather and go to the beach or hang out at the hotel pool. The beach is great, it’s right across from the hotel and you have many things to do like surfing, jet-skiing or horse riding.

I don’t know when I am playing yet. I have entered in singles and doubles but I hope I am going to do well here. I’ve had great results in this swing so far; I hope they will continue this last week. Let’s see.

Hasta mañana!!!

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