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Saturday, April 27, 2007

Hey everyone!

We got to Estoril this evening for the next tournament!

Stretch: So I guess our blog for the week is officially over.

Booty: Would have been nice if we lasted beyond Monday afternoon the week that we blog, but what can you do

Stretch: Next time we're blogging in the grass season or maybe indoors!!!

Booty: Blogging on dirt = bad idea! We are retiring instantly from
blogging again on clay. Ever.

Stretch: How long is this clay season anyway? Feel like we've been on it forever.

Booty: I hate it! So dirty! Get me to the grass!

Stretch: Good News today...Man U wrapped up the League!...wrapped up like a Minnesotan in January!

Booty: Haha...speaking of Minnesotans, I'd also like to wish one of my friends, Amber a Happy Birthday! She's up in Duluth where even though its spring time, there's probably still some snow on the ground! Coldest city ever!!!

Stretch: Hope everyone enjoyed our blog this week, we had a great time writing it! Many more blogs to come on our website...

Our upcoming schedule is

Roland Garros

Come check us out and say hello!

- Booty and Stretch.....out.

Friday, April 26, 2007

Booty: Thursday was a rough day all around. Some days you are just "living the dream" and then there are days like Thursday. In our morning practice, about 12 minutes in, Jamie hit 8 backhands in a row in the net and just sat down. I decided he should get lunch and I'll take some serves. Can you say "mental fatigue."

Stretch: We hit up Nobu last night…Worlds greatest sushi restaurant! We were both debuting just like our blog! Everybody has their happy place and Nobu is certainly Brads…the guy is in heaven when he walks through the doors! There was a whole clan of us…Booty-Stretch-Andy-his girlfriend Kim-Alex Bogdanovic-Delgy-Brad

I took on the sashimi some chicken teriyaki and some beef toban yaki…dreams!
There was even some scenery flying around too to keeps the boys happy! I would go back more often but I think I gotta win a few more matches…first round losses don’t pay the bills at Nobu!

Booty: Nobu was unbelievable and I thought the day turned around for us.
Then we Delgy and Stretch took off on their own and Brad and I looked for a cab back to Roehampton. It was impossible to find a cab. We were right near Picadilly Circus and it took 35 mins to get a cab. When we finally did, it was one of those dudes who waits outside clubs and gives you a ride in your own car, not a real taxi. Brad asked him if he takes American Express and the guy says, Yeah, no problem. Then we get to Roehampton and have this exchange.

Taxi Driver: 30 pounds
BG: (pulls out his AmEx)
TD: No, no. I don't take credit.
BG: You said you take American Express
TD: Ok, but no credit cards.
EB: I feel like taking crazy pills!!!

Stretch: We hit it up today at roehampton and then boosted the gym…I’ve not really been so focused in practice this week…mentally tired…and after Estoril I will have a couple weeks off to recharge…

Booty: So, I've been debating hard about my choosing of an official football club to support. I was advised by a good friend (Freddie Nielsen) that I should go with Newcastle. But Im a bit down on them becuase of an awful movie I saw once called "Goal." So, scratch them off the list. Can't support Chelsea, Man U or Liverpool cause that would be a complete bandwagon jump. I had finally made my decision (or so I thought) when I sat down to write this. Tottenham Hotspur! I was pumped and already researching my team when Andy came and sat next to me and completely talked me out of it, saying that they are lifetime underachievers. new team will be...drumroll please....Arsenal! I've always like Henry and Andy tells me they are a fun team to that's it. Anyone who has some spare Arsenal tix and wants some company, let me know!!!
Stretch: Were gonna go to Wimbledon Veelaj for some dinner tonight and possibly a couple drinks before heading back to Delgys to pack my bags for the flight tomorrow…

Booty: We played a match with Delgado/Auckland today and lost 6-4, 7-6.
Only thing was, we were playing for 2 butts up shots per player per set.
Meaning they got 8 serves with us looking like this!!! They connected too, usually a player gets hit maybe 1 of 3 or so, but these guys hit us on 5 of
8 serves. Let's just say that Jamie may be a bit sore when sitting on the plane tomorrow!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2007

What's up everyone. Slightly different style of blog today. We are going to have each of our accounts of today. Morning, Day and Night....a little banter to finish it off.....enjoy!

Stretch's Morning
Breakfast involved a trip to the mini mart outside the NTC for some croissants and OJ…diet of champions eh?!  Got me down when I turned up for training 30mins early only to find my partner out on the “dirt” since 9am…Eric…you officially love it!

Booty's Morning
Breakfast involved a hitting snooze a couple times before getting myself on the court with my coach around 9 to work on some things in my game. It was a struggle, but I made it out there!

Stretch's Day
Practiced twice during the day before hitting up the gym….hard!  Gotta have those guns for the summer months ahead!  Nothing to do with tennis of course!  I even whacked on the sleeveless top just to see those muscles working!  We had music blasting out of the stereo, some serious weights being thrown around and even some sly dance moves in front of the mirror…Life was good!

Booty's Day
After battling with cameras, cords and memory cards, we officially decided that we can not get our photos to work for yesterday's blog. We hit the courts 2 sessions of practice, (first one was about 2000 times better than the 2nd!) And then crushed the gym. Our coach (Diesel) was bringing unreal energy to the room and along with some Linkin Park pumping, how could you not hit up the bench press!

Stretch's Night
Took a taxi back to Delgy’s flat then cruised over to Wimbledon Village for some dinner and the Chelsea Liverpool Champions League Match…Brad was fired up to see his man Peter Crouch in action but he didn’t even start the game…a few expletives were banded around!  Crouch did eventually come on but Liverpool went down 1-0…rather tamely I thought…I also witnessed for the first time two people in my company drop their dinners on the floor…not sure how its possible but it did happen…let’s just say eric and ryan will be eating a big breakfast tomoro!

Booty's Night
Post Gym, I was dead. Crashed out for 20 mins, bagged a shower and a coffee and I was ready for some Champions League action. Here's my dilema with Champs League. I first came to England about 3 years ago and wanted to choose a team to cheer for. I was wearing a KG Timeberwolves jersey (that's an NBA team for you Euro-readers) and a kid at the tournament traded me a Chelsea jersey for my Garnett shirt. So, I decided Chelsea was my team.

Now, over the past couple years, I've learned that Chelsea is the equivilant to the New York Yankees in Baseball. Super rich owner, buys all the best players, team based out of the biggest city in the country and pretty everyone who doesn't support them, absolutely hates them. I hate the Yankees! How can I cheer for the Yankees of English Soccer???? Someone tell me what to do? Jamie loves Man U! But isn't that just like cheering for the Boston Red Sox??? I don't want to cheer for them either! Someone tell me who is the equivalent team to the Minnesota Twins....they will be my new favorite team! Anyway, Chelsea won...I should be pumped, but I'm not. I don't think I even like them. Dinner was fine. Didn't eat as much as I wanted, but whatever.

To Finish your eve... a little Strech and Booty commentary (we weren't together to write this, so this is straight off messenger).....

B: completely ruin my evening...

S: As if smashing your dinner on the floor wasn't enough???

B: You know where "living the dream" comes from?

S: Yeah. I made it up. Best phrase ever.

B: No....someone told me that the quote, "living the dream" actually comes from the moving Vanilla Sky and was not made up by us!

S: Nonsense...I made it up.

B: No, that's what I heard.

S: Vanilla Sky has no reference to us living the dream on the ATP Doubles Tour!

B: Good Point. Let's just live it anyway.

Thursday, April 25, 2007

Booty: So, you may have thought the blog was finished after we bombed out first round in Barcelona, but we are continuing it anyway in London!

Stretch: We're going to be the first bloggers to do multiple countries in the same blog!

B: Felt good to get out of there this morning...for some reason, as soon as you lose in a tournament, it's pretty much a race to get outta dodge asap.

S: Yep, early flight to London.

B: We did some last minute shopping this morning...Jamie picked up an unbelievable jacket.

S: I did manage to find time to produce a hugo boss jacket!  It had my name written all over it!

B: This guy is always adding to his "glad rags" collection.

S: So we arrived back in London today…greatest city in the world…and went straight to roehampton to churn out some practice…gotta enhance those clay court skills!  We worked with Louis Cayer and also Jamie Delgado and Diesel Grover (James Davidson) who does some travelling with us from time to time…

B: Prakky was going great until about 7:05 when Delgy and Stretch started checking their watches in between shots to see if they were going to miss kickoff!

S: No chance we're missing that. I went back with Delgy to watch Man utd v AC Milan champions league match after practice…I sat down with my Olive Garden takeaway…pretty standard procedure when staying there…and got ready for the match…unbelievable game is all I can say…tres dos para Manchester…living the dream at the theatre of dreams!  To say we were
getting fired up when Rooney bombed in the winner in injury time is an understatement. I swear Delgy hit his head on the ceiling when he jumped up off the sofa! 

B: Instead of some footy, I crushed the gym for a bit, trying to add to my impressive physique. Then I'll be back crashing at Roehampton, incredible place I may add. I don't know if the U.S. has a place like this and I just haven't been invited, but call me British for the week if they let me practice here!....only downer being that their many plasma t.v.s are not working yet so it was no soccer (or football as some refer to it) for me. Plus they don't have multi-nozzled showers here....missing those already!

There were some questions sent in for answer them...

1. Do we plan to continue to play together?

B: For now, of course, and at least until we stop living the dream...which is unlikely anytime soon. We're playing well together and we want to see what happens. Playing doubles is tough though, a lot of work, a lot of compromise (like me coming to London this week, when I really wanted to go
to Nice!).

S: Plus the divorce rate is pretty high!!! Nah, it's all good, we're hoping to continue our charge up the ranks!

2. Jamie, why do you use the new Dunlop?

S: Switched to it before Miami and I really like it. I figured if Dunlop works for Henners, it can work for me too!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Barcelona blog via London!

Until we write again...

Stretch and Booty....

Sorry everyone, having some issues with our camera and no pics today. (Did you notice the pic above is recycled from the Barcelona player lounge?) We promise to sort it out and come strong tomorrow!

Monday, April 23, 2007

We got up this morning for an hour hit around at the Polo Club (doubs players get limited if any practice on site) then settled in for some lunch with Tursunov, Spadea and our coaches. No dialog of our lunch chatter will be printed as we will no longer be allowed to blog. Though I'm pretty sure Tursnov was recording it and sending fake text on his phone for his next one.

S: Then we headed straight to the gaming area of the lounge where I boosted you in some pool!

B: Boosted? What, I won game 2!

S: Then it was back to reality for game 3!

B: Well, then it was on to the exhibition I put on in Virtual Tennis!

S: Maybe choosing "Henners" on the dirt was a bad choice...but I'm sticking with my Davis Cup teammate! I mean the guy made semis of Roland Garros, surely he can hang with Nalbo!


B: One of the more impressive sites of the day was seeing Rafa turn up for breakfast and then head straight to the practice courts. I mean this guy is a machine!


S: So we took a big L today against Vliegen and Lee 6-4, 3-6, 10-7. Losing Monday is just the worst! We came out quite flat, lived the dream in the second...

B: Stretch was boosting serves...but then we folded like a 2, 7 off suit in the breaker and looked for direct flights out of there.

S: Disappointing torneo for the boys but as Bob Dylan once said "The times they are a changing" haha

S: We hit up the Sagrada Famillia...Duss (ryan dussault our coach) has been going on about it the whole time we've been here so we decided to throw him a bone and check it out.

B: If I had a nickel for every time he mentioned this place, I would have doubled my prize money for the week!...Check out the snaps.

Duss: Just trying to culture these boys!


S: We're off tomorrow to London to train for a few days at Roehampton the
LTA's new national centre. I am excited to get back to GB for a few days
and away from the tourney environment...its been a long stretch (pun blatantly intended) on the road and I'm ready for a few days break...I'm gonna stay at Delgadinhos (Jamie Delgado another tour player) apartment and get pumped for some midweek champions league action...we're both big into Manchester United and we're hoping the boys come strong in the last few games of the season.

B: I'll take Milan.

S: You would....Name one player....

B: (silence)

B: I'll be bunking with BG (Brad Gilbert) at Roehampton as we follow NBA playoffs...and argue who will have a better season, Twins or A's. Hopefully I can get a word in.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hey guys! It's Booty and Stretch here blogging from Barcelona! For those of you who don't know us, we're Eric Butorac (US) and Jamie Murray (Scotland), a couple of doubles players currently ranked #9 in the ATP race....and also getting the honor of being your bloggers for the week! We decided to do our blog a little different this week and since our chat is SOOO entertaining, we thought we'd just put it down in transcript for you! Saturday we had 2 practices and then some dinner at Hard Rock in the city. Nothing too exciting there. Jamie may or may not have been meeting a female for dinner!!!

Stretch: So we arrived here on Friday night. We actually rented a car and drove Monte Carlo! Which worked out well cause some flights were cancelled, a number of players lost their bags and some players ended up driving anyway. It was a good trip though, we drove it in like six or seven hours.

Booty: Umm.....We?

S: Well, actually Booty drove the whole way. I'm still working on my license. It's a little tougher in Scotland! But at least I was a good passenger, no???

B: You were asleep before we even got out of the parking lot!!! It was a joke. This guy woke up in like Montpellier, about 4 hours after we took off!


B: I got a good question for you...

S: Yeah, what's that?

B: How's Andy's back doing?

S: Yeah, haven't heard that one this week!

B: No joke. I've heard Jamie asked this question at least 100 times since Tues. It's been unreal.

S: I guess to answer it....cause I'm sure there's some out there who want to know!...he injured some facet joints and should be good to go for Estoril. I got a question for you Booty, can you spell your last name?

B: Ha!...yeah they're having some trouble with it here in Barca. On my badge it says Butural....but the even better one was on the practice courts sheet when it said Murray and Butrok! I loved that one. Oh to be a star in Spain!!!


B: We were supposed to practice with Frystenberg/Matkowski this morning, but Matkowski still hadn't got his bags from Monte Carlo. So, they talked us into changing our schedule so we could play in the afternoon instead.

Only to cancel on us again! Come on Boys...sort it out! Luckily Jimbo T (Jim Thomas) was there to scoop us up for an afternoon practice session. Crazy Poles!!!! Wait....Jamie may or may not be meeting a Polish girl this evening! This guy is soo hot right now. Ladies if you want an evening out with Stretch, you better book it a few weeks in advance!

S: Yeah maybe, right now though we're just getting pumped for the Fed-Bomb/Rafa finale en Monte Carlo!

B: But Garcia-Lopez's coach is still blocking the t.v watching some Motocross event. Unreal. Fed-Rafa is about to start and we're watching moto-racing! I'd rather watch paint dry!

S: Johnny Mac is not happy either, he wants tennis too!

B: I was hoping to get a "You cannot be serious" out of him.

S: Would've been big from him. Anyway, Should be a great match. Any predictions????

B: I like Rafa "sur la terre."

S: aussi!!!


S: Barcelona sure is a sweet city though, you loving it Boot?

B: It's great man, one of my favorites....maybe if I had as many dates as you, it would top the bill!

S: Yeah, well you can't have it all....but the tourney is big time and we're loving the hotel...

B: How bout that shower?

S: That’s all you talk about! Boot lives for this shower!

B: Its so sweet, besides the direct downward shooting shower-head, there's six different nozzles shooting you from different directions. Its hot too! Its literally like a hot tub, a steam room and a shower all in one! I'm for sure getting one in my house some day!

S: You mean, WHEN you get a house...

B: Yeah...anyway, its sweet. I'll try to send a pic later in the week.

S: Will you be in it?

B: I don't think anyone needs to see that photo! Anyway, we're loving this city, this tournament....pretty much just living the dream huh?

S: Just boosting it.


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