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Friday, April 20, 2007

sorry all of you for not writing back after losing, but when i lose a match i have not the same humour and i was missing that blog for a day, but im here back to explain my last hours in monaco!

as i told you the party was great, there was a of of acts, (7 in total, but i have to tell you that novak djokovic was great looking like jessica simpson in a clip, thomas johansson was great looking like rafa, and couple more were great.

walking to the cabaret, where we had that party, i was so nervous and i nearly didnt get any dinner, its a lot different to be playing tennis in front of 5000 people than to make a show in front of 100 people that you know them! but i think i did well....maybe they can show you a bit in atp site, but im not sure if atp will let it happend! jejeje

as you know i asked benito to lend me the clothes, that was because i had to look like him, but he didnt know it before to see me on stage. and as he always does, i was taking care of the tickets for david beckham, raul, all the famous players of soccer of real madrid as he always does in madrid , and also helping rafa preparing for the match!

after my act i just get away because the next day i had to play early against berdych and i wanted to go and get some rest.

yesterday morning wasnt a good day. i started the match against tomas pretty good with a 6-1 and chances to break him again in the first game, after that he just started to play better, hitting harder and harder, and i couldnt handle till the end, anyway i played a great first part of the match i will try to keep working to see if next time i can keep playing the same level all the match.

after the match i just get into the room and watch 2 and a half dvds of 24,... i just finished the fifth chapter and im so disapointed because now i cant see the 6th one because its not in dvd... so if some of you have a pirated copy just send it to me please - ill apreciate it so much!!!!!!

last night there was the party for the children of libanon, but if i have to tell the truth i wasnt getting much fun.... everyone with suite, jacket,... and i was with a normal shirt and jeans, i had no clothes for a diner like that, but anyway it was for a good reason and i went there.... and as i heard they get 700.000 euros for the children of libbano and im happy to have helped in a good way for that!

then this morning... well today what a day!!!!!

at 9.20 i was in the airport and the first thing i saw: flight cancelled. it means we had to wait till 2 pm to get a flight via paris and arriving to barcelona at 9pm.. and of course i did the same as chela team and gaudios team who where on the same flight as me... we rented a car a drove back to barcelna!!!!! 6 hours in a small car and finally pepo and me get here at 6.30 pm and im destroyed now writing all of you!

but now im goinf for a pizza and some croquetas and see a movie in my room.... and trust me im going to sleep till 11 am,

it was nice talking to you ... this time i couldnt win the tournamentas i did last year in hamburg, but i hope you guys had fun reading the blog and youll keep supporting me on the tour!

see you

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Wednesday, April 19, 2007

hi again to all of you guys who follow the blog this week.

it has been a good day for the moment... hope it can fnish great after the show tonight... but im starting to be nervous... this thing of having to go on stage and try to look like another person.. its dificult but ill try my best!

this morning i got up at 8 and after my typical breafast i took one of the cars and arrive to the tennis. i supposed to play second match after ten, it means i like to be ready around 10 in case something happend in the first match and for that we made a reservation of the central court at 9 to warm up with djokovic!. i couldnt practice in all the week in the central and i like to play once there just to be sure i like the court and to get used to it! imagine how sleepy i was at that time in the morning that when i was going to get into the court, arnaud clement who had the same court to warm up with llodra, came to me and told me.... tommy what happend to your shirt?? i looked at that, and it was in the wrong way!!!! as i always say, i hate to wake up early!

after practice i just get a shower and get ready for the match!

the match started pretty good for me with a break and i get a 42 lead, and after that i think the match was under control and i could beat him 63 62! for the moment the day was going perfect, but after shower and while i was eating i played a chess match agains salva navarro(guillermo garcias coach) and he beat me!!!!! i have to say it was a close match but anyway at the end i lost!!!! and i hate that!!!!!!

and now im here in the hotel, relaxing to be focus for tomorrows match against berdych but also for tonight show!

im lucky, thanks to benito perez barbadillo (the man who works with rafa with the press) is helping me with the clothes i have to wear and i hope that toomas has all his clothes ready!.

also tomorrow we have another dinner but this one is going a be for the children of libano! all the players have signed a poster (see the photo) of that event and also i think there will be a interesting dinner to get funds for creating a hospital that can help to save lives!!!

anyway i have to tell you guys to dont show up in the lobby of the hotel often, because there are a few players (i will not say names to protect their reputation) that plays with playstation at pro evoution every single day close to my room.... i can assure that they scream like crazy and they are playing with a big bet: the loser team has to go in the reception only with underwear and make a few turns over a fountain while the winner team just scream to ensure that more people will see that!!!!!

as you can see players we do crazy things sometimes as well as normal people!

i still dont know when im playing tomorrow yet, pepo for sure is taking good care of practice court and all the rest of the things and im gonna a start waching another chapter of 24 before going to the dinner. im in the 4th cd of the 4th season and i cant stop waching it!!!!! i have to see how jack bauer plays the show to see if it can help me for tonights show!!!!

ill be writing back tomorrow with nice pictures from the players party!!! im rto be bad with you but you ll miss a great show!!!!

hope this is enough! see you in the party and bring the camera!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2007

hi everyone again.

today its tuesday and because of my late schedule with a wednesday start :

yesterday night i could go to dinner with alex and gerard the soccer player from monaco. we went to zebra square, a really nice restaurant with great mozarella with prochuto di parma and great calamari fritti. it was a really nice dinner, sharing information about different sports as futbol and tennis!

after dinner gerard showed us his apartment here in monaco and made me a present of one of his shirts. then he droped us back in our hotel because day after both of us have practice sessions.

today i get up at 10 and after a baguete with butter and honey and a little of juice (what a diet!!!!) me and my coach got a car to the tennis to prepare my big day of work! i just practised for an hour with novak djokovic and then a bit of massage on my foot as every day. that was all my practise day! of course i get the ice bag on my foot, stretch and warm up with the (gomas) i dont know whats that word in english... some like elastic band for warming up the shoulder and not much more.

it seems amazing but thats the way i like to prepare a tennis match for day after!

anyway that was not the only thing i can tell you that i did today, luckily for me i did a lot more interesting things.

first of all stephan helped me to copy 2500 songs from his computer to mine... now i will not have excuses to not have a lot of music on my computer!

and then i go to the hotel because i had a meeting with thomas johanson! most of you would think why that???

the answer is so easy to guess. tomorrow night is the players night and here in montecarlo tournament we make a party in a place call the cabaret where we have dinner and then some players make shows on stage...for example some players go on stage and look like another player and make the same rituals, or he dresses like him, then some players play a song changing the words and saying things from tennis, things like that.! last year for example jonas and max mirnyi made a great show looking like feliciano lopez and verdasco... and i will be making a show with him as a partner. i can not tell you who are we going to look like because its a surprise but we hope it would be good!

luckily for us there will be no press there and no people outside our tenis world because then we both wouldnt do that!

while we were practising, there was some other players preparing for tomorrows show and here you can see a picture of jonas bjorkman and the doubles players erlich-ram practising a dance with our teacher!

trust me you'll miss it!!!!!

and that was all my day. now im here in my room waiting for an early dinner because tomorrow im playing clement 2nd match after 10.

if the atp statistics doest lie i have played him 3 times with a 2-1 for me, but no one on clay.

what am i gonna do to try to beat him???

i could tell you but i prefer to see all of you tomorrow in the central court, but even if he is french and all the people here support the french players, please remember to support me as well, spain is very close from here! and also remember im one of some of the players who is trying to support montecarlo in being a master series after 2009. as well if you support me i would give you presents after the match! hahahhaha is this a way to buy fans?? hahaha

i hope to be writing you again tomorrow after a good day with a victory over clement and getting ready to go to the atp players night show!

see you tomorrow on the stadium

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Monday, April 17, 2007

hi everyone,.... here i am again and today writing by myself so, i want to apologize for my further mistakes...
yesterday i left you to go dinner.... and here i am going to start today!

yesterday morning i had a phone call from ana cronwall from bastad, a lady who all the players who goes year by year to play in bastad as i do.... love her so much and noone will say a bad word about her! she is the best player service lady i ever known and she just told me she was in monaco with anika, another lady from bastad staff and i arrange a dinner with them!

then me and my coach went with them to giannis for dinner.when we got there we saw a lot of people from tennis, there was a table of all the employees of the atp, umpires ,trainers, refrerees,...and as well thomas and christer the two men in charge of the bastad tournament... and we joined them for dinner....

im not going to say what we were talking about in the dinner - thats a bit joking!! but what i can tell you for sure is that im going a be in bastad for sure this year again!!!! after that we just went back walking to the hotel and then of course i couldnt go to bed without a chapter of 24!!!!

this morning i got up early because of a press thing nicola told me to do!!! 9.45 i was in the tennis answering questions to the press! nicola dont do it again to me please!!!!!!! you have to know i hate to get up like that!!!!! as jason statham says in the movie transporte, quiet in the morning!!! and obviously what was the first question they did to me???

what do you think about downgrading montecarlo of a master series...?? what a way to start the day... i think they knew i was one of the players trying to protect clay court tournaments in the players meeting we had in miami last month...

then i had practise at 11 with fernando gonzalez for an hour, a bit of stretching and i went to have lunch at the player restaurant where i met nanette, one of the ladies who works for the atp staff and is going toa be taking care of promoting some players in spain and italy, it means she is going to be the one who will help me to be a star!!!!! oh my god!!!!!! from monaco to hollywood! while i was in the lunch the great stephan vivier (trainer of the atp) arranged my computer. he is great with computers as well!!! what a man!

after that lunch a bit of dead time in the tennis waiting for my second practice of the day with gilles simon at 4pm for an hour again before to get back to the room where i am right now doing the blog!

in a couple of minutes ivan will come to give me the massage... today its going to be legs massage because i will play on wednesday against clement, and i dont like to get a legs massage the day before, it makes me feel a bit slower and i want to be so fast for my first match on clay!

after that i will have dinner with alex corretja. as most of you know he is now working with tve (spanish television) and gerard a friend of his and soccer player who was playing on barcelona team (my team) a couple of years ago. i met him yesterday night while i was walking back from the restaurant and he offered us a dinner, so we arranged for tonight. he is playing in monaco this year

before i let you guys see what my coach (president palmer) says i just want to say thanks specially to a girl, a chinese girl who gave me a present yesterday in the tennis.... i told her thanks in person, but anyway i wanted to do it again. the chinese fans are so great doing presents and supporting tennis as i could see in shanghai. thanks to all of you as well to all the other fans of tennis! without them tennis will not be a great sport!


hola amigos, how is everybody? this is jose clavet, president palmer, and i'm so happy to be with all of you.

this is the first time i write in the atp blog, but montecarlo is a very good tournament for doing that. we got here on saturday a little bit worried cause the tournamant starts on sunday and tommy was waiting for the winner of clement serra match, who played on sunday. so tommy could have played on monday, without enough practice on clay. we arrived from usa last tuesday and in barcelona it was raining almost every day, but now he doesn't play till wenesday,so if we had known that, we would've stayed longer at home!!!!!

anyway this tournament is really good, so is not a problem to be here at all. i'm very happy the way tommy is practising all these days here, and i think he's ready to do a very good tournament here, even when the last tournament he played on clay was last year in sopot.

yesterday we had a very funny dinner with almost everybody from bastad, and today we have another with mister alex corretja and gerard, so as you can see we have a busy day, which is good, so you can do different things but tennis, and on wendesday we have the players dinner!!!!!!

i would like to go to the casino one night, to play a few euros in the black jack, but my bet usually is 5 euros and here the minimum i think is 25, so i think i'll go there as a spectator.

today we had a pratice session in the morning with gonzalez, and his coach larry was there with the prince racquet he used to play on the tour, around 20 or 25 years ago, and i was wondering if prince doesn't want to give him a new model, you know a little bit more from nowdays.

ok i think is enough for today, besides i have a bit of flu,so i have to rest for the tournament.

a big hug to everybody i go to watch a new 24 chapter!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 16, 2007

hello everyone,

I'm happy to be writing the blog again this week and hopefully it will again bring me good luck. Last year I did the blog from Hamburg and I won my first Masters Series title there. after that i started to blog a little bit on my own web site ( but never good enough to win another master series. i think it's a great way to interact with the fans and let them know a bit more about us and what we're doing.

I got a little bit of help today but from tomorrow I will be doing all the writing myself... so don't be too hard on me if some spelling mistakes creep in :)

It's so nice to be back in Europe after a month and a half in the States.

It's been seven or eight months since I've played on clay. The last time was Sopot last year and now we're in the middle of April. It's nice to be sliding again and playing high balls to the opponents!!!! I haven't had a lot of time to prepare on clay, because of last week's rain in barcelona, but it's still my favorite surface and i hope to get the ryhthm quick.

I arrived in Monte-Carlo Saturday evening, got a massage on my legs and had room service while i was waching 24 on a dvd. The last thing I did before going to bed last night was to call reception and ask what time breakfast closed. They said 10.30, so I set the alarm for 10.15. I had breakfast with my coach and Tursunov. I didn't tell him I was doing the blog this week... maybe he'll find out tomorrow. In the morning I'm not a good talker so I let Tursunov and my coach do most of the talking. I prefer to listen.

Today I practiced with David Ferrer for an hour, then watched some of the Formula 1 race and i had a practice with rafa in the afternoon before to get to the hotel for a shower and a massage with ivan ( is david ferrer and myself physio for this week and hopefully for the future but now he is under exam ... jejeje).

At the moment we are following the TV show '24' with Kiefer Sutherland. a friend of mine made a present to me six months ago and it was the first edition of 24, but i didnt startto watch that till indian wells) and right now after a month, I am on the fifth season !!!

this 24 show is like an addiction to chocolate, as you start waching then you cant stop!!! even my coach watched a chapter in miami in an apparment that we rented there and after that he didnt let me watch a chapter without him. then at davis cup fernando gave the first season to david ferrer and he got crazy about that as well..after dinner every night david was going to his own room to see it and pepo and javi piles were coming to my room. i recomend you all to watch it!!!! its so good!

my coach call me Jack Bauer and I call him President Palmer. Then if you want a make him happy start talking to him as president david palmer

I am now a few chapters ahead of my coach because we took different planes back from Davis Cup and he fell behind. So I make jokes with him saying that President Palmer is dead, Jack Bauer is dead but he somehow survives… It makes my coach crazy.

so im gonna leave you guys for today because i want a see whats hapening today in next chapter before i see ivan in my room for the massage and the bath... what a hard life eh!!!!!

That's all for today. Look out for my next post Monday night.

jack bauer as tommy in motecarlo open

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