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Doubles Vision - Vemic Moonlights As Waterboy

Bucharest, Romania - Otopeni Airport

Djokovic & Vemic© Getty ImagesNovak Djokovic is just one of 13 players Dusan Vemic has partnered this season.

In our latest Doubles Vision blog, doubles player Dusan Vemic looks back on his successful new role as waterboy during Serbia's Davis Cup tie last week, and advises not to follow his lead when it comes to playing partners.

Being one of the chosen ones to share the experience on many tennis professionals on the ATP World Tour is, you can really say, an honour.

I don't really know where to start from at this point, as there is not really the beginning of this amazing tennis journey, so let me start from this season, 2009.

I believe my year has been a year of a top 50 (doubles) ATP player with the most partners on tour this year (13)?!

I have to say one thing, for the up and coming players, avid amateurs, 2.5 players: DO NOT CHANGE PARTNERS ON A DAILY BASIS !! Take it from me, as this has been one of the worst seasons, result-wise I have ever had.

It is so difficult getting things in sync with your partner when you play only for the first time.... I have played on the deuce side of the court, on the ad side of the court, served and stayed back, served and volleyed, played the "I formation" ( for those that might not know, the "I formation" is when your partner serves and you squat under the net giving a different look to your opponents. usually if it is played right, throws opposition out of the rhythm) with my partners, You name the option, I have tried it!

The good side of the lifestyle is that each tournament has better organisation, and you are really well taken care of during the tournament.

Let’s take this week, playing in Bucharest: Arrived at the airport, got picked up by an official transportation car, a really pleasant driver gave my sister Jelena ( who is my personal professional photographer and a best friend) and me a ride to the five-star hotel, where rooms are comped by the tournament for as long as you are still alive in the tournament.

At the site we are also provided with meals, snacks, fruits, drinks (non-alcoholic), usually a good size players lounge that usually has a bunch of computers, and some form of entertainment (video games, pool table, foosball, table tennis).

And during the off days you mostly have two options, either to rest and practice (more likely option), or go around the city you are in, visit museums, do the sightseeing tour (less likely option).

You know, I have to say, I actually had a fun week home. I started with a new job for a week. I was a Waterboy. And I have to tell you, it was not all that bad at all!!  :)

Lucky me, as none of the teammates was too thirsty or hungry. They were all just mostly hungry for practice, as 3 out of 4 guys were recently hurt for a while at least. I also stole a doubles trick or two from Nenad Zimonjic (who together with Dani Nestor leads a race to the "Barclays ATP World Tour Finals" in London). I was pleased with that. So I was really happy to provide tennis service to them.

At the end of the day, everyone that knows me know that Dusan Vemic stands for Solid, Conservative, very technical tennis player!! That was exactly what I have provided during the days leading to the play-off tie against Uzbekistan (Serbia won 5-0).

So the team was very pleased with me, so I am sure that I will be invited for the next Davis Cup against the U.S.A. from 5-7 March at home (if the Waterboy place stays open, as I am sure that now everyone will want it!!).
By the way, I am sooo happy that Serbia finally has a chance to show their skills in front of the local crowd and plays home! And I am sure that, as we have always been known to be a good host team, we will chose the slowest clay possible!!!!!

Thank you very much!
cheers for now
Dusan V

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