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Doubles Vision - Making The Most Of Time Off

Johan Brunstrom© Johan BrunstromJohan Brunstrom likes to relax by going fishing during his time at home in Sweden.

Hello everybody,

It’s Juls and Bruny blogging to you again. We're back in action at the Stockholm Open this week but we thought that we'd tell you about our week off last week at our respective homes.  There are few things that tennis players look forward to more than finally getting a break in the schedule to do other things that we enjoy. Every tennis player has his personal favourite thing that he looks forward to when taking a week off, only often times our time off is not spent exactly how we planned it. We are going to share with you some of the things that we look forward to, but don’t necessarily get to do!!


As many of you know I am from Curacao (my family lives there). I live in Miami, have a “base” out of Holland (more relatives here), with a brother also in DC (Hi JJ). It’s very natural for me to call Holland my “base’” when I’m travelling in Europe.

During my weeks off, the things I look forward to the most are spending time with my friends and family, eating “traditional foods of Curacao” here and, of course, some down time walking around the beautiful city of Rotterdam and doing a bit of shopping. That all sounds very nice, but instead I found myself making three trips to the Russian Embassy in order to get my Visa for an upcoming tournament in St. Petersburg.

I spend countless times looking at my schedule trying to purchase my tickets in advance (really helps to have Bruny in charge of this stuff). Of course you still have to practise a bit during your time off, because there is no point in showing up to your next tournament without having hit a ball. (I feel Bruny does this quite a bit, he should stay away from hitting when he is “off duty” more than he does). Oh yeah, I did get to sleep in a little bit more, but this only means that your days off are that much shorter!!

One fun thing I did get to do, though, is finally purchase my Blackberry so I can be in touch with my friends in all these different places. Bruny doesn’t know this yet, but this is horrible news for him because now instead of listening to his boring stories over dinner I can be catching up with my mates back home.

It’s just funny how in the beginning of the week we make this huge “to-do” list with things you really want to accomplish during this time off, only to see that list still fully intact by the end of the week.


I was born and raised in Fiskebäckskil, Sweden, a small town on an island along the Swedish west coast. Growing up by the water influenced me a lot and there’s nothing that relaxes me more than the ocean. In a perfect week off, I get to go out a lot on the ocean fishing (the only time I don’t mind getting up at 5.00am in the morning), play some guitar (very limited), and hang out with family and friends.

However, this happens very rarely. For starters Juls and I play a lot of tournaments. When we are not playing, the time off seems to disappear rapidly. Always when I get to go home there is plenty of “musts” to be done. Organising your next trip (yes it would have been nice to get some help, hint, hint :)…) get visas, flip through post - letters to be read and bills to be paid are a few normal things on the agenda. Once this is done, it’s often time to start practising again and the only fishing going on is me trying to get my stuff together. To some extent it’s my own fault, if I know I have a tournament coming up soon I have difficulty taking time off with a clear conscience. Nevertheless, when the “perfect” week off does happen, it’s all the more appreciated.

I just got the news broken to me of Juls’ Blackberry. He can dream about messaging away over dinner! In the beginning it might be alright, because our friend Juls is not exactly “Mr. Handyman”. But once he gets the hang of the Blackberry, I can easily see him nonstop on that thing. Talk to me about how annoying that is! On the other hand, finally some peace - now he can hassle his friends back home and stay away from me! I know enough as it is about Aventura songs (all you have to know is that the singer calls himself Romeo), rap battles and batting averages.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the reading. We will get back to you next week! See ya soon! Some :)

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