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Bank Austria Tennis Trophy

© Getty Images'I am definitely not going to the Opera House with Zimo.'

Hello tennis fans out there checking in to Doubles Vision.

I’m currently in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe this week, that being Vienna for the Bank Austria Tennis Trophy. So many historical buildings, museums and churches made with such precise detail throughout this city, pretty amazing to experience.  We were also spoiled with these great views in Asia the last couple of weeks with their ultra-modern approach to architecture. Can’t believe how much more advanced they are than the rest of the world in that regard. 
Anyways, back to the Tour: Zimo and I had another early exit today in our fall season and quest to keep pace with the Bros.,  losing to Isner and Kerr.  They played great, had a couple of match points, but that doesn’t mean much when The Viper/Legend Killer is serving to you on those opportunities. 

What to do now? My lovely wife isn’t here to get me out to do some sightseeing and I am definitely not going to the Opera House with Zimo, so I may have to challenge Jarkko Nieminen again to another hockey skills competition, if he is up for it.  For some reason instead of a fast serve area for the fans they have a net with targets, pucks and sticks; pretty strange, but I am not complaining being a Canadian and obvious hockey fan. We were pretty even the other day but the fact that I can’t skate means I for sure lost, even though I have a nasty wrist shot.
I am in the process of closing out my 17th season on Tour (don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed about that), with three more events on the calendar and I must say that I have gotten to know a lot of the guys over those years.  A lot of good people out here and a lot of guys who like to follow other sports. 

This is a great time to be a sports fan back in North America, with the World Series about to get underway, the NFL season in full swing, (Steelers look ready to repeat!), NBA kicking off tonight and NHL season about a month old. Sling Box can definitely help digest a tough loss! 

So with so many sports fans out here on tour and with our competitive juices constantly flowing, what can be better than starting an NBA fantasy pool. This is the task that I have taken on myself now that I have all this free time, with a week before my next match and with my wife and child back home not meeting up with me again till the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London.
It wasn’t hard to find 12 guys to partake; it may be a little tougher when I have to collect their entry fees. The highlight so far was when Andy Roddick contemplated joining but then quickly rejected when he found out the password to enter the league was DOUBLESRULES. The pool is mixed with a few singles players, mostly doubles guys, who according to singles guys have way more time on their hands because we never practise, and have few trainers/coaches. 

The trash talking will definitely reach new heights in the weeks to come when the action heats up. Having been in a few pools over the years, mainly football and hockey, I know what to expect, so I am pretty confident that I will compete for the title come next April when the basketball season comes to an end.  Will keep you posted. Have to get to bed so I can wake up fresh and prove the singles guys wrong by going out and practising early with the hottest team on tour from Poland and two guys who I love to practise with: Matkowski and Fyrstenberg - hard hitters, who are cocky and make great targets!

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