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Doubles Vision - Time For A Holiday

Paris, France

Johan Brunstrom© Johan BrunstromWhile Johan Brunstrom is wrapped up warm in Sweden during the off season, Jean-Julien Rojer will be soaking up the rays in Curacao and Miami.

Hi again everybody, this is Bruny and Juls writing to you from the TGV on our way to Paris for our season-ending tournament. We just found out yesterday that we got in as alternates, so it came as a pleasant surprise to us both. We wrote about many different topics in our previous blogs, but this one is quite simple: we will just share with you our thoughts on our season coming to an end and what we look forward to in our off season.


Well I can start off by saying that I honestly can’t see what Bruny is looking forward to the off season for, being in Sweden with the dark/rainy/cold weather. But I’m sure happy about my destinations. Whenever it is that we finish in Paris (and I sure hope we do well), I will have to take a train to Amsterdam (my base) and then a flight straight into the small island of Curacao.

I haven’t been back home in a while now, so sleeping in my own bed and being with family and friends will definitely make me forget about the trials and tribulations of this past year. Of course being on the beach every single day for the two weeks that I will be at home also helps.

I especially can’t wait for Sundays on the island. You see, Sundays go something like this…We wake up around 11 am and make a 45 minute trip to the other side of the island (West Point). This is where a fisherman goes into a little boat and catches whatever it is he catches that day from the ocean, comes back and grills it right there. So yes, you’re not really sure what you’re having for lunch, but it’s the best seafood you will ever have. After lunch we go to the beach, where we spend a couple of hours relaxing and catching some rays and then on the way back home we stop by the side of the road for some coconut water.

After visiting Curacao, it’s back to Miami where I start my off-season workouts. It’s also a great place to be at this time as the weather is always great and conditions perfect for both practice and relaxation. I already know though that this time is much too short and that I will be leaving before New Year to play in our season opener in Chennai, India. I suspect that by this time Bruny will not be able to wait to get out of Sweden, hehe.


As the season comes to an end, I’m getting pumped for my first vacation ever since I turned professional! Right now in Sweden the weather is not too exciting so you have to travel pretty far if you want some sun. I don’t know where to go though. I have a hard time deciding how far I will be willing to travel. I can´t take more than a week because I have patella tendonitis problem on my right knee and need supervised rehab. If you fly too far you end up losing two days just by travelling and then, when adding the jet lag, there’s not much time left to bask in the sun. Nice dilemma though, I'll let you guys know where I will end up :)

While back in Sweden, I will spend most of my time in Gothenburg and in my new tennis club, Ullevi TK, doing rehab, working out and practising later in the month. The Swedish league starts late November and I would love to represent my new club and try to help them in the quest for a national title. There is nothing I enjoy more than playing team matches and everything that comes with it - cheering on your teammates, practising together and of course the practical jokes that occur daily. It’s not looking too good because of my knee, though :(

Whatever happens, I really look forward to spending a longer period of time at home. There is a lot of catching up to do! As opposed to the Caribbean boy, to whom cold is like kryptonite, I actually like it when it’s cold and snows; but when it turns into rain and mush that’s what I don’t like. With Christmas around the corner there are so many traditions and foods that I can´t imagine not having. A white Christmas would be the icing on the cake. So, while Juls is lying under a palm tree on the beach on Christmas Eve, I will hopefully be out in the snow enjoying the perks of having a younger brother (Jesper Brunstrom) to play around with ;)

Well guys, we will be sure to keep everybody posted on how we end up doing in Paris and of course on our wonderful vacation spots that are just around the corner. As for now, we just arrived in Paris and are getting ready to go to our hotel and grab some dinner. Until next time, Cheers!!

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