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Melzer Responds To Facebook Questions

Facebook Q&A

Jurgen Melzer© Getty ImagesHands up if you like Roger Federer's serve.

World No. 8 Jurgen Melzer responds to Facebook questions after defeating Marcel Granollers 6-1, 6-3 in the second round of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Wednesday.

How did it feel to finally beat Roger for the first time and how did you celebrate?
-Jo’van Tiffany Reese, United States
Well, it felt great. Obviously it was the fourth time we played and I never won a set before, so I was really happy, especially with the way I played. It was pretty tough conditions with the wind and I never lost serve the whole match. We didn’t really celebrate because I had a match the next day so we just had a nice dinner.

If you could choose one ability of another Top 10 player to be yours, what would it be?
-Bettina Waibl, Austria
I would take the serve of… Roger Federer.

Is winning the Wimbledon men’s doubles title your career highlight to date?
-Nicholas Mashado, Australia
Yeah it is. I wouldn’t trade it against anything else.

What do you think about Bayern Munich’s season?
-Tonio Veron, Italy
Well, unfortunately they didn’t play as well as I wish, but there’s always the next season, thank God.

Do you have any pre-match rituals that you must follow every time before going on court?
-Kudz Taruvinga
The only thing that I do, but it is more preparation, is taping my ankles. Lately, I started listening to music before the match. 

Apart from players in the Top 10, which player on the ATP World Tour do you have the most difficulty playing against?
-Vikram Rao, Canada
There’s two right now that are not Top 10, which are Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt. Both of them I think have the worst record you can imagine.

Jurgen – since you stopped wearing your White Adidas hat, you've gone on some great runs. Any coincidence?
-Nick Leone, United States
Well… maybe! I thought I was practising really well without the hat so I was a little superstitious in Monte-Carlo, so I stopped wearing it and it went well. Until I start to have a losing streak, I will take the hat away.

What’s made the difference between the left hander ranked around the 50th position in 2006 to the current Jurgen Melzer, now a member of the Top 10?
-Ghali Hamodi
I think it was very important for me to switch coaches. I was working with a guy for 13 years and we did a good job. I was in the Top 30 but I thought I kind of needed something new, and then I built up a new team with Joakim Nystrom as a coach, Jan Velthuis as a physical trainer, and I hired a conditioning coach. All in all together, I just have a great team and we’ve been working hard, and that’s why I think I deserve to be there.

You are in Top 10 of both singles and doubles... how do you prioritise? Obviously your first priority must be singles, but it is a conscious decision to focus on your doubles game as well?
-Ajaydeep Grewal, India
I love doubles so much that I didn’t want to stop playing it. Of course, sometimes it’s tough to play both singles and doubles when you have a tough singles match during the day, and then you have doubles at night. But my first priority is singles, so if doubles gets in the way, I will step down from doubles a little bit.

Where do you keep your Wimbledon trophy?
-Milos Djole Djokic
In my living room!

Jurgen, Who is your best friend on tour?
-Ryan Woods, England
Philipp Petzschner.

I would like to know what kind of advice you gave to your brother, Gerald, who started playing professionally not too long ago?
-Gabriel Marostica, Brazil
Well, it’s not only one thing… it’s a lot of things. Whenever he needs something he can always ask me. I’m trying to get him as professionally as I can. He has a lot of talent but sometimes, he wasn’t working hard enough. Lately he’s done that and I’m very happy.

Do you prepare differently against lefties versus right handed players, and if so how? What is the psychology of playing another left hander vs. a right hander, or do you just play against the person on any given day?
-Karl Offen, United States
To be honest, I don’t really care. I don’t prepare differently. If there’s a chance, I’ll warm up with a lefty if I’m playing one, but I don’t mind warming up with a lefty if I play a righty. I’m not too bad about that and I just take the guy on the other side, try to play my best tennis and try to win.

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