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Gonzalez Answers Facebook Questions

Facebook Q&A

Fernando Gonzalez© MilosavljevicFernando Gonzalez answers your Facebook questions.

Fernando Gonzalez, who last week made his comeback from injury at the Serbia Open in Belgrade, answers questions submitted by fans on Facebook.

What type of rehabilitation program did you take to regain your fitness level?
-Chitrang Sawant
I train at least five times a week in the gym, lots of work using all my body. 
How did you feel back on court?? Its great to have you back!! :)
-Petra Mittendorf, Germany
I am happy to be playing again; it’s a gift for me. Now comes the most difficult part, but also the best part.
What do you feel when you see your character in the upcoming videogame Virtua Tennis 4? Do you feel proud and do you think it's a form of recognition of your great career?
-Esteban Drangosch
It will be very entertaining to see myself in a game where I will be a player who never gets injured. Hahaha!
From the top players, who do you enjoy playing with the most?
-Sara Muhammad camouflage
I like the big fighters and I’ve always had good matches with Roddick or Hewitt for example.
What's the secret behind your strong forehand..???
-Shyam Krishna
The most important thing is to use all of your body.
Do you prefer faster court surfaces, which make your shots come off the court quickly - or slower surfaces, which give you more time to set-up?
-Jacob Funnell
I prefer the faster courts, but on slower courts I have more control; fortunately I play well on both.
What was your best/worst moment or experience on the tour?
-Plani Fra
For sure the worst was having the surgery and there have been so many good moments, including the one I’m living right now.
Is there a chance that you will play at your home continent in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, despite the fact that you'll be 36 then?
-János Szomszéd, Hungary
I would love to, but being realistic, no.
Where do you keep your trophies?
-Marouane Ziani
They are in my house. I have them in a very safe room.
What is your favourite movie, band, book and/or celebrity?
-Mikhaal Ahmad
Movie - Invictus; Band - U2
Which legend inspires you?
-Jak Sparow
Nelson Mandela

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