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Isner Ribs Harrison For Outrageous Orange Outfit

Miami, USA

Isner© Getty ImagesIsner is pulling for the Miami Heat to continue their win streak despite not being a fan.

Whether WWE Raw, the Super Bowl or March Madness is on television, John Isner will most likely be following the action, no matter where his job takes him around the world. caught up with Isner after his come-from-behind victory against Ivan Dodig Saturday in Miami to talk about current events catered to his interests, including the Miami Heat’s 25-game win streak, the upcoming NFL draft and Ryan Harrison’s decision to Tweet an interesting outfit he wore during a photo shoot he recently took part in.

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You're not a Miami Heat fan but what are your thoughts on the streak they have put together?
It’s incredible and unbelievable. They are a super talented team. They’ve learned how to play together. It took a little while when they first started up. I feel like LeBron James is their leader. He is the best player in the world. It’s fun to watch. I’m actually rooting for them to keep it going.

March Madness is a huge topic of discussion this time of year in U.S. sports media. Do you follow it as closely as you would WWE or could you care less about which double-digit seeded teams have pulled upsets?
I do follow it. March Madness is one of the best sporting events there is, as far as I’m concerned. I think the first four days, which we’re in now, you could argue are the best four days in sports. There’s always a game on once noon hits. There’s a lot of upsets and its fun to watch. It’s really neat to see how happy these players are when their team pulls off a win. It’s a huge tournament.

The NFL draft is a month away. How excited are you for that? And realistically, can you see your Panthers making a move in the NFC South this year?
I’m excited for the draft. It always falls around my birthday. I’ve read a couple of mock draft options for what Carolina needs. We’ll see what they do. They don’t have a glamour pick because they are not in the Top 10, but that’s also a good thing. They finished well last year. I do believe they can win the NFC South. They’ve just got to put it together. They went through some bad stretches last year and in a 16-game season, you can’t do that.

In recent months, it seems Ryan Harrison has been calling you out more on Twitter, in jest of course. How much fun do you two have poking fun at each other?
We do. It’s about stupid things, mostly other sports. It’s never about tennis. I think some people that see us ribbing each other think we’re for real. That’s obviously not the case, as we’re very good friends. As all Americans do, we like to give each other crap.

HarrisonI’m going to give you a chance right now to go on the record. What are your thoughts on the bright orange pants ‘Harry’ wore (pictured to the right) for his photo shoot with Men's Journal?
(Laughter). I wasn’t the biggest fan. I thought he was pretty brave putting it out there. He’s caught some heat and rightfully so. He stood there and he’s taking it in good fun. In the future, he’ll probably be able to make fun of me pretty good about something coming up.

I imagine you wouldn't be caught dead in the outfit he wore, given they were GatorNation colors?
Yep, because they are blue and orange. If I was to do that photo shoot, I would axe that and change it to red and black.

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