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Gonzalez & Lipsky: You Stole My Baby's Name!

Houston, U.S.A.

Gonzalez & Lipsky© Gonzalez & LipskySantiago Gonzalez with son Matias and Scott Lipsky's son Matthew

Santiago Gonzalez and Scott Lipsky have been good friends for a while and in turn, have transferred their camaraderie into a successful doubles partnership, winning three titles on three surfaces the past two seasons.

Now, the two share even more in common, as they each became fathers for the first time. Lipsky’s wife Marie gave birth to a boy on 27 March and Gonzalez’s spouse Lisette followed suit five days later on 1 April. To add to the timing, both families selected the same baby name in different languages: Matthew and Matias. caught up with the pair at the US Men's Clay Court Championship in Houston to discuss fatherhood, the naming of their babies, who is the better diaper changer and more…

It’s your first tournament together since you both became fathers. How cool is it for you two to welcome a child into the world less than a week apart?
It’s very special. We’re both really excited to be fathers. You’re never going to forget when the baby was born. The fact we were both able to be there to see our kids born is also special.

Were the due dates close together?
They were five days apart, so that was fun. For me, it was good because I could play Miami, but Scott couldn’t. I hope my wife and I have another one.

Lipsky: I got to teach him how to do everything because my baby was born five days earlier.

How did you and your wife decide on the baby’s name?
Santi stole my name (laughter).

Gonzalez: No, I had it before my wife was pregnant! Three months later, I asked Scott and he said he was going to name his Matthew.

So did you know your partner would choose the same one?
We did know but we didn’t care. We both liked the name.

Between the two of you, who is the better diaper changer?
Probably not me, that’s for sure. I haven’t done it yet. I helped put the legs up once but I probably won’t do it.

Lipsky: Never?

Gonzalez: Nope!

Lipsky: I supervise a lot, haha. But I changed a few in the hospital, so I’d pick me.

How many books on parenting did you read?

Lipsky: I read a third of one.

Have any of your peers reached out to offer parental advice?
Yes, a lot of people have. I think we need to learn on our own a bit. But I do appreciate the advice about trying to get as much sleep as you can get when the baby is sleeping, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Gonzalez: It’s been good. They’ve also said what to buy for the baby.

Are there any players you think have done well in balancing their career and a family on the road?
A lot do. As the tour gets older, more players are having kids. Bob Bryan comes to mind. He travels a lot with his wife and daughter and is still playing great tennis.

Do you have any plans to sign your baby up for social media like Bob has?
I need to get on Twitter myself first before I sign my son up. So it won’t be any time soon.

Gonzalez: I’d probably do it. I’m thinking of having an account for Matias. I can also buy an iPad for him and Facetime with him.

When do you foresee Matthew and Matias having their first play date? And will it be on a tennis court?
I already asked for a wild card in Acapulco 15 years from now, so maybe they can play there.

Lipsky: I hope it’s on a golf course. Maybe we’ll have one this summer. 

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