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Federer Fields Questions In Off-season #AskRF

London, England

Federer© Getty ImagesRoger Federer begins his 2014 season in Brisbane.

Roger Federer punctuated his off-season with an #AskRF session over the weekend. The 32 year old answered light-hearted questions about everything from his favourite fruit, to his drawing skills, to what he would say to Kobe Bryant upon the basketball player's return from an injury layoff. Fans also asked about what the Swiss player would be giving his wife, Mirka, for Christmas.

During the two-hour conversation, Federer shared a picture of his family's Christmas tree (which his twins helped to decorate) and responded to questions from John McEnroe and Patrick Rafter. Federer also paid his respects to former South African President Nelson Mandela, who passed away last week.

Federer plans on playing his first tournament of 2014 in Brisbane.

@rogerfederer: You. Me. #AskRF. In 2 hours. #itsaparty. See you then?

‏@rogerfederer: Let's do this! #AskRF

@BeaRomero27: Are you on vacation or have already started training again? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Training really hard and enjoying myself. Ready to start the season @BrisbaneTennis in a few weeks! #SeeYouThere #AskRF

@shankerer: And what is Mirka getting for Christmas? :) #AskRF
@rogerfederer: A hashtag

@Nigogu: Tomorrow, @kobebryant returns after 8 months [of injury layoff]. What would you say him today? #AskRF
@rogefederer: @Nigogu @kobebryant I would say, 'it’s great to have you back pal'

@Sashasimba123: How long can you hold your breath underwater? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: 42 seconds. I’m not very good #giveortake

@Sashasimba123: What is your favorite fruit? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: strawberry, apple, mango

@mikebn77: You've shown the ability to recall various points within past matches. For most it's a blur. Have you always been able to do this? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: yes but every since i hit 1000 matches on tour. it seems like it's getting more blurry #AskRF

@bktinoco: how many countries have you been to? Do you have to get a new passport like every month? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: believe it or not, as we speak i'm getting a new passport because mine is full of stamps. Been to ~55 countries so far! #AskRF

@abby_schofield: whats ur favourite pizza topping ?? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: My favorite pizza is a called a #FatTony, which was a special one we had in Shanghai. Or the #ElRey #AskRF

@Lodema57: #AskRF Do you read your Twitter account everyday?
@rogerfederer: I try and keep in touch with my fans as much as possible #AskRF

@xxxxannaaa: Can you draw? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Not very well #ShouldStickToTennis #AskRF

@crazyfedfan: Who is the funniest? You, Sev or Mirka? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Seve is the funniest looking #FunnyGuy #AskRF

@fan_federer: Doesn't your phone black out from all these mentions? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: I have 4,500 unanswered questions in the last 45min. It slows my phone down. #HEEEEEEEEELP!!! #AskRF

@MGLovesTennis: Have the twins tried to do anything to the tree? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: they helped decorate it #helpfultwins #AskRF

@Sofia_P_018: Can you at least give a shout-out to Canada? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: What's up there #Canada! #AskRF

@KishoreRF: Do you like Colombian coffee? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: I'm actually drinking some now at the house #CafeDeColumbia #AskRF

@BlessTheGOAT: Do you ever look at your dad and think 'OMG that's me in thirty years?' #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Yes, very often #epicMustache #throwback #AskRF

@danisway_8: Are you a good dancer? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: I try to be but it always ends up embarrassing #askRF

@MoquiZikasse: i'm a big fan and i'm 8. Can you answer me please ? it'll make my day #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Enjoy yourself. Train hard. Hope to see you on tour one day! #AskRF

@Abhi422: have you ever walked into a glass window/wall? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: I was once in a glass maze. I thought I had it at one point, so I started walking quickly towards the exit and then #BOOM

@FedererFan24: #AskRF is blowing up on twitter! @rogerfederer this is a very cool idea. If you could pick your next slam title, where would it be?
@‬rogerfederer‪:‬ Working overtime so it happens at the @AustralianOpen !

@sarahmd17: What are you looking forward to the most in Brisbane? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: The atmosphere @BrisbaneTennis. The nature/outdoors, the beach and a tournament i've never been to! #ExcitedRF

@maramsad95: say some thing about this great man ever #AskRF
@rogerfederer: Mandela was an inspiration to everyone.I have great admiration for his tolerance & forgiveness & all he did for the people of SA

@RuttenMartijn: What is the lowest temperature you ever played tennis in? For me it is around -5 Celsius, do you do better? ;) #askrf
@rogerfederer: I think it was around 5 degrees Celsius in Hamburg against Gastón Gaudio i think #AskRF

@julkensxo: If you could become a dinosaur,which one would you like to be? #AskRF
@rogerfederer: I've always like the stegosaurus #roomtocarryfriendsonmyback

@rogerfederer: OK guys, thanks so much for tuning in to #AskRF. It was fun as always! See you next time

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