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The Last Time... With Nestor & Zimonjic

Rome, Italy

Zimonjic, Nestor© Getty ImagesNenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor have won 27 tour-level team titles.

Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic, who won their 27th team title at last week's Internazionali BNL d'Italia, reveal the Last Time…

I cooked for myself or others
Nestor: Unless you consider boiling water and putting in grains for oatmeal, I don't know.

Zimonjic: I can't remember the last time. My wife would not have been home and I did some eggs.

I met a childhood idol
Nestor: My idol was Jimmy Connors, but I have never met him. I've seen him.

Zimonjic: Unfortunately, I have not met Carl Lewis or Michael Jordan.

I asked someone for their autograph
Nestor: I have only asked for one autograph. It was at a baseball game when I was a kid. I asked Tommy John for his autograph. He became famous because he had elbow surgery, which was eventually named after him.

Zimonjic: It was probably at an exhibition match between Slobodan Zivojinovic and Boris Becker. I got both of their autographs. I must have been 11 years old.

I lost a bag at an airport
Nestor: I have had bags not come to a destination, but they always get to me within a few days. Once, as junior in South America, I had four bags. A guy wanted to help me with the bags, but I lost one as he seemed to have a plan with another guy. They got me!

Zimonjic: I have lost bags. Recently, coming back from Miami someone stole my bag.

I shared a hotel room with another player
Nestor: Probably with [Mark] Knowles back in 1995.

Zimonjic: Maybe Davis Cup.

I paid money to hire a tennis court or tennis balls
Nestor: I don't remember. Balls for sure.

Zimonjic: Somewhere in England last year. I was playing with my son before Wimbledon.

I forgot a family member's birthday
Nestor: It has happened where I miss it, but then you remember the next day and you think, 'Oh #@$%'

Zimonjic: Never a close family member. The reminders on phones help.

Being famous/well known helped me
Nestor: Everywhere in Belgrade for Zimo! He compared himself to Dwyane Wade [smiling]. That's the level he is at.

Zimonjic: Sometimes I get good seats at restaurants. Free drinks. Once I got a free taxi ride, but I had to sign something. I had a plane held for me for five to 10 minutes. I called saying, I was really close to the airport coming from a tournament.

I strung my own tennis racquet
Nestor: The last one was probably when I was 14. I can't remember how to measure the strings out. Pulling it and tying up is fine.

Zimonjic: Probably when I was 21 or 22. I was quick at doing them.

I played a sport that might have caused a minor injury
Nestor: Batting practice at Montreal in 2001. It took me a while to strike it out of the park and I pulled my oblique muscle. I was due to play singles qualifying the following week. That injury made me quit singles.

Zimonjic: I was playing basketball in 2002. I tried to get a rebound and stepped on a friend's foot, causing me an injury.

I was asked if I was a tennis player
Nestor: I had got recognised at this club a couple of times one night. Then, this guy came up to me and said, 'I know who you are, but it's okay I won't bother you. You're Sam Querrey, right?' I couldn't believe it.

Zimonjic: It happens a lot. People come up to me to say 'hello', thinking they recognise me from somewhere but they don't know where. It happens mostly in Serbia.

I missed a flight
Nestor: Coming back from Miami recently. My family and I were trying to fit in too many things. We had to wait at the airport another six hours.

Zimonjic: I can't remember.

I polished the trophies I have won
Nestor: I got upset once as a lot of my trophies are at my parents, as they have more space than I do. I went there and saw they were getting rusty. I asked, 'What's going on?' So the next time I returned they were nice and clean. I sent the trophies to my parents, then they sell them [smiling]! The Olympic gold medal I won [w/ Sebastien Lareau] in 2000, I've only seen about four times. I keep it in a safety deposit box, but I took it out four months ago when I went to talk about being an athlete at my daughter's school.

Zimonjic: I have them in a few places. My kids are now getting more interested in them now, as they are shiny.

I played a match that nobody watched
Nestor: I can't remember any matches, where no one watched.

Zimonjic: Last year, when I played singles qualifying in Kuala Lumpur. I signed in late. It was so noisy and I was still jet-lagged. I lost the first set badly [versus Yasutaka Uchiyama 6-1, 7-6(4)]. Another time was in a big match, in the Roland Garros quarter-finals with Mika [Llodra]. We were supposed to play on Court Central, after Novak [Djokovic] and Jo-Wilfried [Tsonga] but it went on for five hours. So we had to move courts and barring family members, there were no fans.

I visited the club where I first played tennis
Nestor: I hit there sometimes with my Dad. Once, I returned to find a sign saying, 'The Home of Daniel Nestor'. But after two years, it was taken down. I'm not sure why. It was probably a committee decision.

Zimonjic: I return there now and again. I train at a few clubs.

I had an unusual fan request
Nestor: I once signed a woman's breasts, having won the gold medal!

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