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Mailbag - Vasek Pospisil

Guest Editor - Vasek Pospisil

As guest editor of the ATP Insider, Vasek Pospisil answers the best fan questions submitted on Facebook and Twitter.

PG: What’s the best/worst thing about being on Tour?
The best thing would be the travelling, for sure. You get to see different places, meet new people. Every city has something different, like they have the strawberries and cream [in London]. The worst thing would be the flights, checking bags, being in hotels and away from your family and friends.

Susi Ruc: Which do you prefer: Snow or Beach? Movie: Comedy / Action / Horror? Dogs or Cats?
I definitely prefer the beach, even though I’m Canadian! I don’t like to spend too much time in the cold weather. Movies: I’m more of an action guy I would say, I like a good action movie. And comedy as well. I’m not a fan of horror movies! Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs! Sometimes, I feel like cats are evil; they don’t like me maybe. Dogs are awesome. We’ve had a lot of dogs before and I love them.

Susi Ruc: What is your pre-match routine? Warm-ups ... favourite meal ... superstitions?
There’s a lot of things you do before the match. Obviously you want to get in a good warm up if you’re playing in the afternoon; I always want to practise before lunch. I always eat the same thing. I always just have plain pasta. That’s kind of a routine and a superstition at the same time. Another superstition I might have is I always want to have to grips perfect. Even though I might not need a grip change, I’ll change the grips and I’ll fiddle around with my racquets, making sure they’re perfect before the match.

Nachiket Bhagwat: Do you carry your guitar with you everywhere on the tour?
I actually do. I just started playing the guitar this year, in January. And I’ve been travelling with it everywhere; every week the guitar is with me. Haven’t had many issues.

Jta Craven: Have you found it hard to cope with the pressure since your Montreal SF?
I would say after the semi-final run in Montreal, it wasn’t easy the next month after that. Since then it’s been fine. I actually enjoy it, being the favourite to win. It actually makes me play better. After that I had a good end of the year and a good start to this year until I had the back problem. Now, I’m trying to recover from that.

Yohan: Who was your tennis idol and who’s your favourite player to watch on tour now?
My idol growing up was Pat Rafter and then when Roger came along, I was still pretty young, so he was kind of my idol. Right now I enjoy watching Djokovic a lot. He has an incredible, perfect game. Perfect technique, balance, everything. He and Rafa are taking the game to another level.

Sias Hamman: Eugenie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova?
I’m going to have to say Bouchard. She’s Canadian and I’ve known her for some years now. 

Francesco Chiavari: What's your favorite Masters 1000, except for the Rogers Cup?
Rogers Cup is definitely No. 1, for obvious reasons. No. 2 I would probably say Shanghai. I really liked Shanghai, except the bus ride takes a long time from the hotel to the site. But other than that, the tournament is run really well and there’s a lot of nice things for the players, like massage chairs, good food. All those things make us feel comfortable. So I actually really enjoyed that tournament.

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