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Tec Talk With Marius Copil

Tec Talk

Copil© Getty ImagesMarius Copil is currently No. 166 in the Emirates ATP Rankings.

As part of Tecnifibre's ‘Tec Talk’ series, Romania's Marius Copil discusses stringing with

Do you string your racquets for practice sessions as well as matches?
In practice I always use the racquets that I've used in my previous match.

How many racquets do you string before a match?
I use six racquets and for my match I string five of them. In the warm up, I use the one I’ll start the match with. 

How often during a match do you like to change racquets?
It depends on which surface I am playing. On indoor hard, I change my racquets every second ball change. And on clay, I change every seven to nine games. 

Can you recall the worst time during a match that you've had a string break on you?
I can't remember, because in the past year I haven't broken that many strings during a match.

What do you do if you break a string? What's your strategy?
Well if the string breaks my ball is flying out for sure! I'm using half X-One Biphase and Black Code (in the mains) and the gut is the string that breaks. I tell you the ball is flying!  

If you happen to win a point when you've broken a string, do you feel that it changes the match?
Every point that you win helps you and you gain confidence. If you win a point with a broken string, for sure you can get more confidence out of that point.

How much money do you spend a year on stringing?
I’m stringing around 250-300 racquets every year and each racquet costs approximately 20 euros. So it's kind of expensive.

Do you ever string your own racquet or do you have it done on site?
In 2013, I strung two of my racquets and it took me around one hour each.

What tension do you normally string your racquet at?
I'm stringing my racquets at 25/24 kg – with a 10 per cent pre-stretch on the gut.

Have you ever made a major change in how you string your racquet in your career?
I used to play with 27/26 kilograms and no gut, but now I've made this change and I went down by two kilograms.

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