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Tennis Integrity Board Chairman Philip Brook listens to ATP Executive Chairman and President Chris Kermode speak in Melbourne last month.

Terms Of Reference Announced For Independent Review Of Integrity In Tennis

Announcement made by ATP, WTA, ITF and Grand Slam Board

The Terms of Reference and Protocols for the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis were announced today, by the four governing bodies of international tennis ATP, WTA, ITF and the Grand Slam Board. The Independent Review Panel (IRP), established in the Terms of Reference and Protocols, will investigate thoroughly the allegations of corruption in international professional tennis and the effectiveness of existing anti-corruption practices and procedures.

View Terms Of Reference And Protocols (PDF)

The IRP will review the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme (TACP), the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) and the Tennis Integrity Protection Programme (TIPP) and recommend any suggested changes.

The IRP will have wide powers including the right to require the production of documents, the right to carry out interviews and to appoint experts, as it considers appropriate.

In carrying out the Independent Review, the IRP will engage with all relevant parties. This will not be limited to the stakeholders in tennis and will extend to bodies outside of tennis, including international and state bodies, law enforcement agencies, betting operators and other relevant organisations.

While there is no fixed deadline for the IRP to complete its Independent Review, it is expected that the full review will take at least twelve months with the publication of an Interim Report during that time.

Following the publication of the Interim Report, there will be a consultation process, through which the stakeholders in tennis, other relevant parties and the public will be able to submit comments on the Interim Report for consideration by the IRP. Following this consultation process, the IRP will produce a Final Report. The governing bodies of international tennis will publish this document and have committed to fund and implement all of the IRP’s recommendations.

The Terms of Reference and Protocols have been published on the websites of the Chairman of the IRP Adam Lewis QC; the Solicitors to the IRP, Charles Russell Speechlys; the four Grand Slam Tournaments, ATP, WTA, ITF, and the Tennis Integrity Unit.

The IRP, led by Adam Lewis QC, will consist of three members. The additional two members of the panel will be confirmed by the end of February.

Any communications to the IRP should be addressed to Jonathan Ellis, of Charles Russell Speechlys LLP, who is appointed to act as the Solicitor and Secretary to the IRP at TennisIRP@crsblaw.com.

The Terms of Reference and Protocols are attached and available at:

* www.blackstonechambers.com
* www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com
* www.atpworldtour.com
* www.wtatennis.com
* www.itftennis.com
* www.rolandgarros.com
* www.tennis.com.au
* www.usopen.org
* www.wimbledon.com
* www.tennisintegrityunit.com

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