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Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem are photographed at Wimbledon for Vogue.

Zverev & Thiem Featured In Vogue

Billed as the next stars of the game

“The Next Generation Of Men’s Tennis Has Arrived” headlines Vogue, presenting a special feature on two of tennis’ most exciting young players, Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem, on the eve of the US Open.

Alongside a photograph taken together at Wimbledon, Zverev and Thiem are interviewed about their nature as tennis players and their interests away from the court.

"Zverev grew up playing field hockey and soccer, and he is a huge Miami Heat fan—but since he decided to focus on tennis, his commitment has been total. He eats carefully. He goes to bed early and doesn’t drink. He travels with a physiotherapist and a personal trainer, Jez Green, who had previously transformed Andy Murray’s body into one of the fittest on tour. Last year, Zverev shut down his season early in order to have an extra-long (and extra-brutal) training period. His legs now show the hint of quadriceps...

"Thiem, on the other hand, is already formidably built. In person he’s unassuming: full cheeks, unruly brown hair, a soft voice. “I’m a calm character,” he admits. And a focused one. At Wimbledon I watch him as he carries his match statistics from interview to interview—radio in Austria, television in Rio—studying them, frowning at his first-serve percentage. In his spare time, Thiem likes reading Scandinavian crime novels, playing soccer, and following his favorite team, Chelsea... .”

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