ATP ACES For Charity: Pablo Cuevas

The Uruguayan supports two foundations that work with children in his home country

Charities and Causes
Pablo Cuevas supports Corazoncitos Foundation and Fundación Tenis Uruguay. Corazoncitos Foundation is dedicated to helping children with congenital heart diseases, providing them with access to special treatment and resources that are often limited in Uruguay.

Fundación Tenis Uruguay has a mission to promote the development of self-confidence and responsibility in children from deprived communities, giving them the opportunity through the systematic and disciplined practise of tennis to improve their lives. The foundation aspires to contribute to the formation of principles and values that enable these youths to fully integrate into society. Fundación Tenis, officially established in May 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, currently supports 200 children in Uruguay and more than 600 in total.

Corazoncitos Foundation

Fundación Tenis Uruguay